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Wednesday 5 June 2024

How to Blur Photo Background in Lightroom Mobile with Lens Blur Editing {Step by Step}

How to Blur Photo Background in Lightroom Mobile with Lens Blur Editing {Step by Step}

💁Friends, I hope you are all well, but I will tell you guys how you can blur the background of your photos with the help of Lightroom, and some Lightroom presets are here. I am going to give you a tool that you can use to change the quality of your picture. With the help of one click, you can also edit it. 

If you want to blur the background of your picture, this feature is available in Lightroom. And by using it, you can easily change the background of your photo with the help of just one click. If you have any problems, please comment in the below comment box.

👉About Lightroom:

If you want to Edit your picture professionally, do color grading on it, or do other editing, then Lightroom is going to be the best application for that. It is also available in a mobile version and a on a laptop. In the PC version, you also get Lightroom, Press, and many other editing tools that allow you to do your Edit in less time.

By using it, you can save your time and do a lot of editing in less time. In it, you get professional and HD-quality CB backgrounds along with color-grading presets. You can use the color grading tool in your pictures very correctly. Lightroom is the best application for photo editing. If you are into photography and you want a good application, then use Lightroom. 

 👉Lightroom App

👉Lightroom's Most Useful Features:

I am going to tell you about some of the features of Lightroom that are used a lot. By using these features for photo editing, you can give the best quality to your photos and make them look professional. You can use all these features daily, and you are using them a lot. In photo editing step-wise, I will tell you everything, so please follow this step and photo editing in Lightroom.

  • 1. Masking

In this feature of masking, you get such options as Select Subject, Select Sky, and Brush. If you want to make a selection in any picture, edit a separate part of it, or add color gating to a part, then you can use the masking tool, and it's very easy if you want to remove something from any background.


  • 2. Healing

This healing feature of Lightroom is very wonderful. It often happens that when we shoot a picture, there is an object in the background that we want to remove, but it is not removed, so with the healing feature. You can also remove the object; you can remove any invented part from the picture through the healing feature, so this is also a very useful feature in Lightroom. If you have not used it yet, then you must use it.


  • 3. Lens Blur

We use the lens blur feature when we need to blur the background of any picture. If you want to blacken the background of any normal picture, you can do it very easily with the lens blur feature. This feature is available in Lightroom, and you can easily add any background blur in Lightroom using the lens block feature. 

Lens Blur

👉How to Blur Photo Background Using the Lens Blur Feature in Lightroom:

 If you want to blur the background of any picture, first of all, you have to import the picture into Lightroom whose background you want to blur. You will be able to blur the background. follow the few steps in Lightroom:


  • Step 1 :

First, import the picture in Lightroom whose background you want to blur. After your picture is imported into Lightroom, you have to click on Edit in the option below.

  • Step 2 : 

When you click on the update option, after that, you have to scroll down the options. There you will find the lens blur option, then you have to click on it, and after clicking, complete the second step. will be done.

Step 1

  • Step 3 : 

After clicking the lens blur option, the amount of blur will be displayed in front of you. And after waiting, your background will be blurred in front of you.

Step 3 

  • Final Step  :

After following all these steps, you will reach the final step, and after that, the background of your picture will be completely blurred. You have to click on the share button, and you can click on Export below, or you can also click on Save copy to the device, and then your picture will be saved in the gallery of the app.

Final Step

👉Lightroom 200+ Presets 

 In Lightroom, I am going to give you some 200+ presets through which you can edit your picture with the help of one click and also convert your picture to HD without color grading up to picture. You will see the methods, and you can make your picture unique by using this preset.

⏬Presets Link

After that, you have to edit all these presets in Lightroom. After editing, you can edit your desired picture in it. You can use it to time your picture editing. All these presets can be found at the link below.

💖Final Thoughts :

In this guide, I have discussed "How to Blur Photo Background in Lightroom Mobile with Lens Blur Editing {Step by Step}". I have also covered different steps of the Lightroom. I hope you understand everything. If yes, then bookmark our website in case you have any issues. Please post in the comments.

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